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Carmen Leung

Carmen is Source Online's Director of Client Services, and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting, diplomas in Finance and Accounting, and a certificate in Business Administration.

5 Automations To Streamline Online Bookkeeping Processes

For an online bookkeeping system to be efficient and effective, its processes should be streamlined as much as humanly possible. Taking advantage of recent automation technologies is a great way to develop and maintain a robust bookkeeping system. Additionally, many bookkeeping automation services are easy to use and convenient. 

What kinds of automation services are helpful to support and simplify the online bookkeeping process? There are several, but today we’re looking at five that save business owners time and our expert bookkeepers think are essential for an effective online bookkeeping system.

Accounting Apps: The Essential Online Bookkeeping Automation

Online bookkeeping automations

Accounting apps are pivotal in today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape. They can be highly effective for keeping a business’s books balanced. What if we could pick just one bookkeeping automation to recommend to our clients? Without question, our answer is this: use an accounting app.

We love accounting apps for small business owners for the following reasons:

  • Cloud computing makes it easier to access documents and files.
  • Sales and purchases are recorded in real-time.
  • Paper storage and consumption levels are reduced.
  • Client and financial information are protected.
  • Sharing of data and records is easier.

Accounting Apps Ideal for Small Businesses

While our team is skilled in different accounting apps and services, we feel a few are far superior to others. The top accounting apps we recommend to clients are:

  1. QuickBooks Online
  2. QuickBooks Self Employed
  3. FreshBooks

Integrate Point-Of-Sale with Accounting App 

Once a business has its online accounting software program up and ready to go, it’s time to take advantage of its potential. One way to do this is by integrating the program with your existing point of sale (POS) system. 

Connecting a POS to an accounting app allows the two programs to communicate directly. The benefit of automating the recording of sales and transaction data directly into the bookkeeping software program is it saves time and increases accuracy. Additionally, other team members who require access to sales information will be able to do so in real-time and from anywhere a strong wifi signal is available.

Automate Banking Services

Being on top of incoming and outgoing cash flow is critical for businesses. Good cash flow management, especially during the busy holiday season, helps prevent missed payments and strengthens supplier relationships. It also ensures the company is also getting paid on time.

Automated banking services that can help to streamline a businesses online bookkeeping system include:

  • Automate regular, recurring payments to suppliers.
  • Connect business bank accounts and credit cards to accounting software.
  • Automate non-negotiable fees, such as monthly rent and communication services.

Add Automation Services to Payroll Tasks

Automatic payroll services are a vital component of a successful business: paying staff their earned wages, paying them on time, and ensuring all applicable taxes are accurate. Examples of automated payroll services include:

  • Time tracking
  • File taxes
  • Running payroll
  • Updated and track payroll data

When choosing an automated payroll program, be sure it fits your business needs and easily integrates with other essential bookkeeping software programs. For help with automating a payroll management system, consult the team at Source Online Bookkeeping. And, for more tips on how to manage your payroll, read this helpful article.

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Outsource Online Bookkeeping Services

Consider outsourcing bookkeeping tasks to a reputable, experienced and customer-oriented agency for the ultimate in automated bookkeeping services. At Source Online Bookkeeping, we are experts in cloud-based accounting. We can help you set up and manage your books using the latest in technology. For more information on how we can help you streamline and run your books, visit our website.

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