You Run Your Business.
We Run Your Books.

Get all of your financials fully integrated in the cloud. No more paper receipts, or wasting time and money keeping track of your expenses, payroll and invoicing.

Source Online Bookkeeping offers virtual, 100% cloud-based, paperless professional bookkeeping services for small businesses and solopreneurs.

Put your trust in the trained experts at Source Online Bookkeeping to handle your books, and free up your time from the mundane tasks to focus on running and growing your business.

We’re a professional bookkeeping firm based in Victoria, BC (Canada), equipped with the knowledge and technology tools to ensure your accounts are accurately reconciled and expenses recorded, in as much detail as needed, helping you meet your accounting requirements.

Our Services

  • Cloud Accounting
  • Payroll Management
  • Tax Services
  • Paperless Document Management
  • Invoicing and Receivables
  • Payables and Payments
  • App Training & Technical Support

Who do we serve?



You're a rockstar solo professional service provider and looking to optimize your operations by outsourcing your bookkeeping to the experts, so that you can earn more (and play more?).


Growing Startups

You're the founder of a startup that is starting to take off, and it's time for you to outsource your bookkeeping to the experts so you can double-down on growth and remain tax-compliant.


Established Small Businesses

You're the owner of an established small business that wants to move to "the cloud", and you're ready to outsource your bookkeeping to spend more time on the things you care about.

All our clients don't quite have the resources or desire to hire in-house accountants - that's where we step in.

Why the cloud?


With a cloud-based accounting app, you can integrate your bookkeeping transactions remotely—all in one place. You can update and see your records on-the-go, saving you from going through mounds of receipts and updating spreadsheets.


Never worry about losing or tracking receipts again. As soon as you have made a transaction, you can upload an image of the receipt straight to your cloud accounting app, and let us handle the rest.


Cloud accounting is a wise investment that will take you out of the dark ages and into the future. Working with state-of-the-art cloud accounting software will give you a better overview of your finances and improve collaboration with your team.


You'll always know what's going on in your business as you can securely access your data at any time, from anywhere. The cloud offers added safekeeping for the management of key data, ensuring that your information will never be lost.

We're Certified Professional Bookkeepers

"Earner's of Canada's Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) designation have an advanced level understanding of the more complex and challenging aspects of bookkeeping and business practices." Learn More

We are also certified experts for QuickBooks -- the most popular cloud accounting application. We know how to make the most of this platform to improve your business accounting workflows, and can train and support you and your team in using it.

Learn about our network of cloud accounting applications that we use for our clients:

Dozens of small business owners trust Source with their books.

Scott Stamp, Owner
Pacific Rim Interiors | Westshore
"I have had the good fortune of having Carmen and Chris as helpful strategists in navigating the challenges of my new business startup. Their knowledge of processes and systems have enabled me to create a foundation for my company that will allow growth and expansion while mitigating risk and cost.

Carmen and Chris balance professional knowledge and exceptional character with aplomb.

I couldn’t ask for more."
Sailesh Patry, President & CEO
Anthony Macauley Associates
"We have had the pleasure of working with Source for all our accounting needs for sometime now. I am constantly impressed with their responsiveness, knowledge, recommendations for changes and efficiency.

It is refreshing to see a young organization in financial management embrace new technology to streamline business processes that are vital to any company, big or small. Source really should be recognized as the new standard for how accounting should be run. We look forward to a continued long relationship with them."
Donny Campbell, Owner
High Tide Interiors
Source online has been working with me now for the past 3 to 4 years and I can’t say enough about the service I receive. I’m a business owner and a father of 2 young kids. I would not be able to do what I do professionally and personally without the help I receive day to day from Carmen and Chris. The quick response with any questions I have regarding my business is priceless and I feel as though they have helped take my company to where it is today. I recommend source online to anybody who is running their own business. Hats off to you, Carmen and Chris. Not sure you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me.
Danika Postle, Owner
Nodding Dog Training
I had a free consultation with Chris over the phone today, and it was super awesome! He was so helpful, and very clear and friendly in his communication. He was honest about the kind of services that could help me, and what was unnecessary for my business at this time; and didn’t try to sell me services that I don’t need! He gave me excellent guidance for the next steps to take in starting my small business. I’m new to the small business world, and he was super encouraging and didn’t make me feel silly for my questions or lack of knowledge! I am planning to book another appointment soon to make sure I’m starting things off on the right foot, and I look forward to using source bookkeeping‘s tax services!
Ryan Raymond, Owner
RHR Industries Ltd.
Chris, Carmen, and their team have been nothing short of amazing! With all of the knowledge, step by step assistance, expertise to guide us through learning to run a contracting business, and work with all of the tools they provide. They always have positive, uplifting attitudes, we will never use anyone but Source Online, thanks guys!
Lisa Baylis, Owner
Lisa Baylis | Self-Compassion for Educators
Chris and Carmen are helping me make bookkeeping seamless and easy. Their support in getting me started is the foundation I need to support my small business and enabling it to grow. So grateful to have met this team.
Byron Rotgans, Owner
Munro Engineering Ltd.
I have been a satisfied customer for a number of year now. Source Bookkeeping has been a great help to insure we have had problem free books in my corporation and a resource to call upon when needed.
Stephen Lyons, Owner
Lyons Law | Barristers & Solicitors
Chris and Carmen are fantastic! Our businesses started at the same time about a year and a half ago and have grown together. We are very happy with the professionalism and service we get from Source.Online and recommend them highly.
Michael Warren, Owner
Madrona Gallery
Great attention to detail and quick and thoughtful replies to all questions.
Dr. John Poon, Owner
Purely Optometry
This is an amazing place to do your bookkeeping. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family !

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