We partner with leading cloud-based accounting technology tools

We work with a network of primary accounting technology tools specializing in sales, payroll, time tracking, merchant processing and expense management, to help you stay ahead of your bookkeeping. All of your important business financials is stored using a combination of cloud technology and a powerful suite of apps.

QuickBooks Online

A cloud-based accounting system, the hub for all of your business information including customer invoicing and financial reporting.


This app will automatically download your statements for us as they are made available. You no longer have to worry about sending your bank and credit card statements to us each month.


A new way to track your employees’ time on projects, this app allows you to create schedules and see who’s working. Employees can also clock in and out using the mobile app.


WayPay is a business-to-business payments and accounts solution for you to easily pay your suppliers, contractors and employees.


This app allows you to simply scan or take photos of your receipts or invoices. You can forward e-receipts and e-statements directly from your e-mail, too! These documents will be securely stored in the cloud, eliminating the need to keep paper copies.


This payroll system allows for employee direct deposits, as well as automatic source deduction and workers compensation premium remittances. Employees can access their paystubs and T4s online through the Wagepoint portal.


This online payment solution lets you easily pay your suppliers and government remittances. Your bookkeeper will set up the payment. All you have to do is click to approve.


Automatically collect one-time or reoccurring payments from your customers through pre-authorized bank withdrawals. This can significantly reduce your payment processing fees over accepting credit cards.


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