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Source Online Bookkeeping is a fully virtual, 100% cloud-based professional bookkeeping firm. We offer solutions which can be easily tailored to do as much or as little as you need to keep your accounts running smoothly.

We’ve worked with businesses in a variety of sectors, giving us a great understanding of what small and medium-sized businesses need across different industries.

Our secure online accounting platform offers you ultimate flexibility and transparency, and we’re always happy to answer questions you might have about your financials or maintaining your own account.

Our work is carried out to the highest standards with reliability, integrity, quality and accuracy assured. We can help to modernize and streamline the processing of your paperwork to improve overall efficiency.

For more information on how we can help you, please take a look at our Services or get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation about your bookkeeping requirements.

Meet the Team

We’re a small business too, so we understand your needs and challenges. One of our big differentiators from the big players in our space is our ability to tightly integrate into your unique business workflows and deliver a human-to-human experience.

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Christopher Hoggarth, BA CPB

Partner, Director of Operations

Christopher is a problem solver who is passionate about helping business owners understand their financials and finding ways to increase their bookkeeping efficiency through emerging technologies.

A natural when it comes to working with numbers, he stepped into the accounting/bookkeeping world in June 2012 when he joined his family’s accounting firm: Security House Accounting Inc. It was a great opportunity to put his talent towards problem solving into practice.

Christopher is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper through the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. He has a bachelor’s degree from Griffith University in Australia in International Business. He also holds two advanced diplomas from Sir Sanford Fleming College in Ontario: Business Administration specializing in Human Resources Management and International Trade.

Christopher is working most of the time but when he does get time off, he enjoys a round of golf, travelling and watching Star Trek.

Carmen Leung, BBA

Partner, Director of Client Services

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Carmen first discovered accounting and bookkeeping while studying at Camosun College and became interested right away.

Carmen is dedicated to learning about her clients’ businesses, helping them through their books and showing them how streamlined and efficient their bookkeeping processes can be.

The highly educated professional holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting, diplomas in Finance and Accounting, and a certificate in Business Administration.

When she’s not crunching numbers for her clients, Carmen keeps herself busy with the enjoyment of cooking for friends and family, and taking her dog Enzo for walks.



For Lavina, accounting wasn’t always the plan, but while completing her Bachelor of Business at UVIC, she fell in love with the profession. From that point on she wanted to make it her everyday job and took the steps to do just that.

Some of her favorite attributes of Source Online is all the wonderful people she gets to work with daily. Lavina enjoy’s the team’s atmosphere and the perks of having an office dog.

Following the lead of her favourite TV character, Khaleesi from Game of Thrones who is the ‘Mother of Dragons,’ Lavina sees herself as the ‘Mother of Bookkeeping.’

Lavina is a well-travelled woman, she has been to 13 countries around the world, including some of her favorite destinations: England, Netherlands, Czech Republic, France and Italy. In her off time, she’s often found doing various research projects for the university or searching for missing spoons around her house, stolen by one of her three pet rats.



Leaning into one of her strengths, Rebecca narrowed her career choice down to accounting after exploring the world of business in the college setting.

The Victoria, BC, native has a certificate in Business Administration, an Accounting and Finance diplomas and is currently wrapping up her BBA in Accounting at Camosun College.

A dedicated professional, she revels in the small victories accounting and bookkeeping have like the feeling she gets when everything balances.

Rebecca has a soft spot for all animals and is often occupied with a steady rotation of foster cats and kittens through local organizations, but still wants to find room in her life for a pit bull rescue when the time is right.

In her spare time you’ll find her hiking, shopping at thrift stores around the city or unwinding to a comedy podcast or an episode of ‘That 70s Show.’


Payroll Administrator & Bookkeeper

Currently enrolled at Camosun College and working towards a BBA in Accounting, Sol first became interested in accounting after learning about the program during a late-night study session with Carmen (Leung).

Now going into her third year in the business administration program she loves being able to take the knowledge she learns in the classroom and apply it to real life situations.

Born in South Korea, Sol moved to Victoria, BC when she was four and has been living there ever since. She has been lucky enough to see various parts of the world while travelling to countries such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, America, and Mexico.

In her spare time, Sol can be found catching up with friends while eating the good food Victoria has to offer. Some of her favourites include sushi, Korean fried chicken, and anything with truffle.