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Carmen Leung

Carmen is Source Online's Director of Client Services, and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting, diplomas in Finance and Accounting, and a certificate in Business Administration.

7 Reasons QuickBooks Online ® is Best for Small Businesses

Selecting an accounting software program is essential to entrepreneurs when operating a small business. These computer accounting programs make it easy for smaller-sized businesses to execute financial and organizational actions with just one tool. Choosing a program is necessary to effectively run and oversee a business’ financial books, and in 2021 there are plenty of options to pick from!

At Source Online Bookkeeping, we specialize in small business bookkeeping services. When helping new clients choose an accounting software program we feel will be best for their business one program that just seems to stand out: QuickBooks Online® by Intuit. We’re so confident in it as an essential small business tool that we’re sharing our top 7 reasons why QuickBooks Online® is best for small businesses.

QuickBooks Online® is a Cloud-Based Program

QuickBooks Online® uses a cloud-based server to operate the accounting program and store all users’ data and information. This provides several time and money saving benefits that small business owners favour. A few of these advantages include:

  • Inherent cybersecurity system protects your data.
  • Access information from anywhere.
  • Access data from multiple devices.
  • Transition to a paperless operation.
  • Easily outsource tasks to an online bookkeeping firm.

QuickBooks® Can Scale-Up

A growing enterprise needs tools and systems that can grow and adapt alongside them. As a small company grows, new employees, service offerings, and a growing client list greatly impact its bookkeeping needs. QuickBooks Online® accounting software is designed to do just that.

QuickBooks Online® provides opportunities for businesses to grow and adapt without having to switch to a new accounting program. It is able to accommodate a company’s new and on-going evolutions. 

Easy to Use

Another favoured feature of QuickBooks Online ® is its inherent ease of use. Intuit has created a robust user interface in the QuickBooks Online® program that is easy to learn and navigate. Business owners without a strong background in accounting and bookkeeping should have minimal trouble learning to operate the program. And tax time is a cinch. For those who need assistance, Intuit provides tutorials and service representatives to help guide them.

Integrates with Business Apps

Integrating with commonly used business apps helps QuickBooks Online® stand out from its competitors. As businesses become increasingly mobile and remote, it’s crucial to have technological tools that support these changing needs. 

With QuickBooks Online®, businesses can integrate their accounting software with other essential programs and applications. This allows for greater accuracy and efficiency when tracking and recording financial data, including invoices, taxes, and expenses. 

QuickBooks Online® Has App-Ability

A few of the apps that QuickBooks® can integrate with include:

  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • Rotessa
  • Plooto
  • RBC PayEdge (formerly known as Waypay)
  • TSheets (time tracking)
  • Hubdoc
  • Receiptbank
  • Wagepoint

In addition to the popular transaction and invoicing apps listed above, QuickBooks Online ® can integrate with dozens of other programs and applications commonly used by small businesses.

Operations Management

A business’s finances and how its operations are managed are inextricably linked. QuickBooks Online® makes communication between these areas more efficient with their inventory and contact management capabilities.

Inventory Management

Manage your small business’s products and services using QuickBooks Online®. Inventory management functions can be used to track inventory of items, record transaction basics, enable reorder notifications, and other helpful tasks. 

Contact Management

Keep track of clients, customers, suppliers, and other essential contacts in your QuickBooks Online ® software to easily access pertinent information for a smooth bookkeeping process. If you outsource your bookkeeping tasks to a certified QuickBooks Online® bookkeeping firm, having all this information in one spot will ease communication.

Canadian-Specific Version

Canadian businesses have unique needs when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. Many software accounting programs aren’t able to accommodate all Canadian small business owners’ bookkeeping needs.

QuickBooks Online® Canada is an accounting software that is designed specifically for the needs of Canadian businesses. 

Key Canadian-specific features to note include:

  • Can handle multiple currencies.
  • Reports and calculates Canadian sales taxes including GST, HST, and PST

QuickBooks Online® is Built For Canadian Small Businesses

Every small business in Canada deserves to have an accounting software program that understands their bookkeeping and accounting needs. QuickBooks Online® offers Canadian proprietors a useful program they can use to keep their books in order. For more small business accounting tips or to learn about Source Online Bookkeeping’s services, click here.

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