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Carmen Leung

Carmen is Source Online's Director of Client Services, and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting, diplomas in Finance and Accounting, and a certificate in Business Administration.

3 Top Tips for Choosing the Right Victoria, BC, Bookkeeping Firm

Is your Victoria, BC business looking to add qualified bookkeeping professionals to your team? Maybe you’re not exactly sure what you need from an accounting firm but, you know you need help organizing your books. Whatever the reason for seeking bookkeeping support for your Vancouver Island based business, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re sharing tips that will help you choose the right Victoria, BC bookkeeping firm that will benefit your business.

Select Qualified Bookkeeping Professionals

When searching for a bookkeeping firm to support your business, it can be easy to assume all accounting professionals are equally qualified. However, just as with all professional occupations, bookkeeping and accounting skills are varied. 

Instead of choosing the first option at the top of your “bookkeepers near me” search engine query, be sure you understand what services they can provide. And, take a moment to understand if those services are right for your business needs. 

In Canada, bookkeeping qualifications generally fall into one of the following designations:

For small businesses and solopreneurs, professional organizations with certified professional bookkeepers are often a very good fit.

Make Sure the Firm Offers the Bookkeeping Services You Need

Understanding your business’ bookkeeping needs is key when finding the ideal local firm to work with. So, before hiring a bookkeeping firm, be clear on how you’d like your business to benefit from these financial services. 

Do you need support with payroll management?

Properly managed payroll services can alleviate tension between employers and their employees while freeing up valuable time. If you’re looking to simplify and improve your current payroll system, consult a team with members that have qualified payroll management skills.

Are tax services required?

Tracking sales tax and payroll tax payments is a necessary part of running a business on Vancouver Island. Local bookkeeping experts that are well-versed in local, provincial, and federal tax rules can take the stress out of managing your business’ taxes.

Is document organization and management important to you?

What financial documents does your business manage regularly? Do you need help organizing and managing any of the following bookkeeping documentations?

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Bills
  • Cheques
  • Bank statements
  • Bank deposits/slips
  • Credit card statements

Knowing which financial documents you need organizational help with can help you find the right bookkeeping firm for your Vancouver Island’s business needs.

Do you need a reliable and accessible accounting program?

What type of accounting program are you comfortable working with? Is it paperless or traditional? And, is it meeting your needs?

A bookkeeper can assist your company with selecting the best accounting software that will suit your business. For example, cloud-based accounting applications can be implemented that will streamline and improve your bookkeeping system.

Select a Bookkeeping Firm That’s Local

Finding a bookkeeper in your geographical area is advantageous to small, locally based businesses. Supporting local entrepreneurs helps to grow your own business and increase available resources in your community.

Other reasons for choosing a bookkeeper in your area is that they’ll likely be more accessible, in-tuned with your business’ needs, and up-to-date with local laws and regulations. Also, it will be easier to develop a long lasting working relationship with them.

Choose Source Online Bookkeeping as Your Victoria, BC Bookkeeping Firm

Put your trust in the trained experts at Source Online Bookkeeping to handle the books of your Victoria, BC based business. We’re a professional bookkeeping firm based in Victoria, BC (Canada), equipped with the knowledge and technology to ensure your accounting and bookkeeping needs are met. 

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